Vibiemme Domobar Super

The all new model has been upgraded to include a rotary pump as standard. The Super now comes with both an internal water tank AND the ability to be plumbed directly into the mains; all on the one machine.

Another fantastic class leading innovation from New Zealands favourite espresso machine! 

We like to think of the Vibiemme Domobar Super as the Big Daddy of home espresso, it features a class leading 2.7 litre boiler, combined with the patented commercial E61 grouphead, straight from Vibiemme's cafe range of espresso equipment.

Widely regarded as the ultimate home machine, the Super is switchable between tank and plumbed in all on the one model. This is a new development found on the latest Domobar Super only and means the latest version is heavier, at 31 kg.

If using the machine in plumbed in mode we recommend fitting the optional limescale inhibiting water filter, which reduces lime-scale which can be expensive to remove.

Vibiemme have re-engineered the Domobar Super specifically for the NZ market, with a bigger boiler, more power and now a new re-engineered heat exchange which is thermally stable to within 0.1 of a degree! Crikey.


Dimensions: 27cmW x 41cmH x 53cmD
Weight: 31 kg
Boiler: 2.7 litres
Power: 1800w
Internal Water Tank: 2 litres

Vibiemme Domobar Super
$3,500.00 - Out of stock

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