Vibiemme Domobar Junior

The little brother in the Domobar family is no lightweight. With a 1.4 litre copper boiler and Vibiemme's patented commercial E61 grouphead it produces truly exceptional coffee at home.

The Junior is only available as a tank model, with a fully stainless steel body. Many of the components of the Junior are identical to that of the Super, and those of Vibemme's cafe range of espresso machines.

The main difference between the Super and the Junior is the boiler size, with the Super having a larger 2.7 litre boiler. This simply means that there is less steam available for milk. 

In reality most home espresso enthusiasts find that the Junior has ample steam for their needs. Some even find that the reduced steam output actually makes getting the milk right that much easier, as it takes a little longer giving that much more time to adjust your technique.

Another advantage of the Junior is it's smaller size which means it can fit into any kitchen, without dominating the room! It also gets up to operating temperature faster than the Super and other machines in this class.  

Vibiemme Domobar Junior Specifications

Dimensions: 22.5cmW x 40.5cmH x 40cmH
Weight: 21 kg
Boiler: 1.4 litres
Power: 1600w
Tank: 2.8 Litres

Vibiemme Domobar Junior
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