ROK Espresso Maker

First there was the award winning & revolutionary Presso, which made exceptional espresso just about anywhere. Not ones to stand around patting themselves on the back, the clever lads at Presso HQ wanted to see if they could make it stronger, tougher and well... better. They wanted to make a new model which would last for 10 years or more. 

And we're pleased to say that they've done it! Introducing the ROK, the new version of the hugely popular Presso. Manufactured from a much stronger alloy, the heavy duty alloy parts are guaranteed for 10 years (the Presso was just 2 years).    

The ROK is a manually operated machine and simply uses hot water from the kettle and a clever hand pump system which develops the pressure required to extract high quality espresso. Actually it's probably a lot better than some cafes out there!

Also included is a milk frothing hand pump for making frothy milk for capps & flatties.

The ROK is beautifully packaged in a large stylish reusable tin. Perfect for cookies, or transporting your Rok, whichever you prefer. 

Your ROK includes:

- ROK espresso maker
- ROK Portafilter
- Reusable metal storage tin
- Milk frother
- Combined coffee scoop and tamper
- Full Instructions


*Check out the ROK Grinder!! Or the Groundhog 49mm Tamper, perfect for the ROK!

Now only $220 with a free 250gram bag of coffee beans!!


ROK Espresso Maker
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