Porlex 2 Mini Hand Grinder



The Porlex II (aka Porlex 2) - Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder is the perfect hand grinder for travel or home use. 

The Porlex 2 is built to last with an all stainless steel housing and conical ceramic burrs that are both strong and easy to keep clean with water. It's stronger and easier to adjust and more efficient than it's predecessor. 

Sharp ceramic burrs do not absorb water, won't rust or smell metallic and are easy to adjust and keep clean. You can adjust the grind setting on the Porlex 2 hand powered coffee grinder to suit any coffee maker including espresso. The adjustment is precise, just 37 microns between clicks making it relatively simple to get the exact grind setting that you need for your coffee maker. Ceramic burrs also have an incredibly long life.   

Can easily be adjusted from Espresso to Pour Over to Plunger grind settings. Porlex 2's upgraded burr design provides a more uniform grind and less powder than ever before. Holds approximately 21g of beans.

The small Porlex II is perfect for home or travel standing at 135 mm tall, 48 mm in diameter and weighing in at just 264 grams. 

The grinder is easy to disassemble & clean and approximately 30% more efficient at grinding than the original Porlex. 

Porlex 2 Dimensions:
Height: 135 mm
Diameter: 48 mm
Weight: 264 g

Made in Japan

Porlex 2 Mini Hand Grinder
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