Indonesia Sumatran Green Beans

Perfect for your Kaffelogic home roaster.

1 kg Green Beans.

Country: Indonesia

Geography: Arabica: 750 to 2000 Masl Robusta: 100 to 900 Masl with temp from 15 degrees to 32 degrees

Varieties: Arabica: Typica, Tim-Tim, S-288 and S-795, Rambung , Abyssinia, Caturra, Mundo Novo, Catimor. Robusta: KLON BP 308, BP 436, BP 534

Harvest Season: Sumatra | October to April Java/Bali/Flores | April to October? Sulawesi | June to December? Papua | May to August? Timor | May to September

Usage: Used in espresso blends primarily for its good body and flavours and – more recently as single serves with the rise specialty coffee production in Indonesia

Flavours: Sumatra – intense flavour, with cocoa, earth and tobacco notes, Java – good, heavy body, with a lasting finish and herbaceous notes, Bali – sweater than other Indonesian coffees, with nut and citrus notes Sulawesi – good sweetness and body, with warm spices, notes Flores – heavy body, sweetness, chocolate and tobacco notes Papua – heavy body, chocolate, earth and spicy finish

Indonesia Sumatran Green Beans
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