Il Capo


Meaning "The Boss" in Italian, Il Capo is a smooth, low acid, big body super tasty espresso blend.
We've roasted Il Capo, just a touch darker and longer - perfect for a classic Italian espresso; sweet with lots of body.
This blend has 2 varieties of natural processed Brazils which exhibit the classic chocolate, nutty flavours, as well as gentle acidity.
Rounding this blend out is the big body and heavy tones of a high grade washed Indonesian and smooth creamy flavour of New Guinea.
Designed for espresso, but we also found it surprisingly good in filter and other soft brew devices.
This is not your light roasted, fruity, acidic number at all. We deliberately set out to make this one a bit of a old school espresso classic.
Good enough for the boss!
Recommended for: Espresso

Il Capo
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