Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Biloya Green Beans

Speciality grade green beans - perfect for your Kaffelogic home roaster.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Biloya Grade 1 

This grade 1 microlot is very clean and sweet whilst still retaining the trademark Yirgacheffe spice, citrus and floral notes, alongside a hint of ripe peach. 
We suggest you roast this to just below Medium, ensuring good development but stopping before second crack begins. But this bean will also take a lighter roast if you want to enhance the fruitier aspects of the flavour profile. 
Grown at altitude from mixed Heirloom varieties of Arabica, in rich clay soils, this coffee is hand picked and sorted, before being washed at the Biloya station.
Yirgacheffe region in Ethiopia has an ideal climate and a long history of producing some of the world's most exceptional coffee. This clean and sweet flavours of this washed microlot is a great example of why high grade coffee from Yirgacheffe is so sought after.   
As with many microlots the biggest problem is availability and we were only able to source a small amount of this coffee.
Stocks are seriously limited so get in before it's gone.
1 kg Green Beans.


Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Biloya Green Beans
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