Brazil Pulp Natural Arohanui Green Beans

Unroasted Green Beans.

In 1981, Jose Ricardo de Carvalho and his
wife arrived in Cerrado Mineiro looking
for the perfect place to start their
coffee plantation; 39 years later,
Estrela Carvalho is synonymous for its
respect for both the land and those that
work it.

The farm is a family affair, and with the
support and hard work of his wife and
sons, Fazeneda Estrela Carvalho has gone
from strength to strength in Brazil's
Specialty Coffee Community.


Production: Eighty percent of the plantation counts on a drip irrigation system, integrated pest management, weed management, fertiliser application and fertiliser demand, all via precision agriculture.
All cultural practice applications are registered in a traceability system, and Fazenda Estrela Carvalhoµs average productivity is 37 bags/ha.

Harvest: Jose Ricardo and his sons are all agronomists, so every aspect of the plants development is closely monitored. When the fruits
begin to mature, they plan the harvest period, which usually begins at the end of May and ends at the end of August. The entire
process is mechanised and performed with a harvester, which is regulated in order to harvest the maximum of mature fruits. During this
period of the year, the farm counts on the support of eight collaborators to help out the family.
Post Harvest: All harvested coffee is washed and separated by density. The fruits are taken to the concrete sludge patio, where they
are dried on average for 8 days, and then the drying is finished in the mechanical dryer for approximately 20 hours.

Sustainabilty: Sustainability is the soul of Fazenda Estrela Carvalho - the farm works at finding balance of productivity while
respecting the resources of the earth, fauna, flora and people. They plant native seedlings in erosion areas and have a reserve area
of 40%. The farm is also implementing a social project in the local school that encourages students to seek professions related to the
coffee sector, which is a source of income for many in the community. They are Rainforest Alliance certified (IMA-G-000312) and have
the Denomination of Origin of the Cerrado region.

Future Projects: Always looking for ways to improve, Jose Ricardo and his family have a long-term plan for the implementation of a
mechanical pulper, African beds, fermentation boxes, rainwater re-utilisation system for use in irrigation and new planting areas.

Preparation: Pulp Natural

Cup Profile:
Score - 83.00
Fragrance 7.50, Flavour 8.25, Acidity 7.50 (citric, medium), Body 7.75 (velvety, medio), Aftertaste 7.50, Balance 7.50, Uniformity
10.00, Clean Cup 10.00, Sweetness 10.00
Notes - Citrus fruits, berries, honey, cocoa
Moisture Level - 10.2
Climate: Tropical seasonal is the predominant climate in the Cerrado of Minas Gerais, with a dry winter. Annual average temperature is
of 25C, reaching up to 40C in the spring. Lows may reach 10C or less from May to July.

Brazil Pulp Natural Arohanui Green Beans
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