The New Zealand designed Varia Multi Brew is here!  The six-in-one brewing unit that takes your home coffee experience to the next level.  The Varia Brewer gives you the ability to brew practically to everybody's preferred method - Whether it’s French Press coffee , Stovetop Espresso Moka Pot, Cold Brew Coffee, Pour Over Style Coffee or Tea brewing; the Varia can be made to brew any of these styles to perfection.

Included with the Varia are all the accessories you need to brew straight away and you simply connect or remove an attachment to achieve the desired brewing capability.  The Varia features a handful of durable parts that fit together to create a versatile brewer that not only makes delicious coffee and tea, but it also looks great on your kitchen bench.


- Six Brewing Functions: Filter, Cold Brew, French Press, Moka Pot, Kettle, and Tea Pot
- Boiler function can be used on gas, electric, or induction stovetops.
- Customisable colour seal
- Cool-touch silicone handle
- Precision Photo etch Filter
- Volumetric Dosing Basecap
- Multi-use parts
- Easy to clean: simply rinse out coffee and use a cloth to wipe out any residue after use.

This product includes:

- 1 x Varia Brewer (Jug, Boiler, Base, Lid, Plunger, Moka Pot Chamber/Filter)
- 1 x Set of High-Grade Silicone Seals
- 1 x Set of filter papers
- 1 x Brewing Guide
- 1 x User Manual
- 1 x Set of Decor Seals

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