Classic 3 Cup Moka Pot

Bialetti have been making these iconic stovetop coffee makers for over 75 years (the first pot was made in 1933). The designed by Alfonso Bialetti has been voted as the 5th most important industrial design of the 20th century and the original blueprints are now displayed in the Science Museum in London.

They can be used on either gas, ceramic or electric hobs, but are not suitable for induction cooktops. Not dishwasher friendly but they are very easy to look after.

Spare parts (e.g. seals etc) are available.

The sizing is based on Italian demitasse espresso cups. So this model will make 3 espresso cups or 1 kiwi cup.  

*Refresh your existing stovetop with a seal & screen pack!

Designed for use on a stove, the moka pot has three main parts. Like espresso machines, it passes boiling water that’s been pressurized by steam through ground coffee. Steam is created in the boiler. Pressure builds until the water is forced through a funnel and the ground coffee, into the top chamber. The familiar sputtering sound that occurs when the boiler is nearly empty lets you know that the coffee is ready

Classic 3 Cup Moka Pot
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