Fellow Atmos 0.7L Vacuum Cannister

The Atmos canister range from Fellow is the perfect way to keep your coffee beans fresher for longer, by eliminating air, moisture and odours from your beans. Atmos features an integrated vacuum pump which removes air from inside the canister, preventing oxidization and extending your coffee's shelf life by up to 50%. 


- Integrated Vacuum Pump removes air from the inside - Simply twist the lid back and forth to remove any air from the canister *CLICK HERE to see it in action
- Vacuum Lock Indicator turns green when the vacuum pump is locked, preventing oxidization and extending the shelf life of coffee and other pantry items.
- Easy Release Button that unlocks the canister, bringing the air pressure back to normal.
- An Airtight Silicone Seal stops air, moisture, odours, and dust from seeping in.
- Store everyday pantry items in the Atmos, like cereal, nuts, and pasta to keep your food fresher for longer.


-  Matte Black & Stainless Steel
- Size 0.7 Litres holds approx. 250g of coffee beans
- Handwash Only

Please Note: 
 - Do not store ground substances, like ground coffee, fine teas, or flour in the Atmos. This may clog the vacuum lid and prevent a proper vacuum seal. Do not place Atmos upside down while storing content inside.
 - Atmos is not to be cleaned in the dishwasher. Please do not clean the lid under running water, and hand wash the base.


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Fellow Atmos 0.7L Vacuum Cannister
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