Pulycaffe Backflush Powder

Top end home machines (e.g. Vibiemme Domobar range and ECM Rocket) need to be backflushed regularly with Pulycaffe powder to clean up inside the group head of the machine. This will both prolong the life of your machine as well as improve the taste of the coffee.

Noticed a bitter tasting edge creeping into your favourite morning brew? Before you go blaming the roaster why not try cleaning your machine?

Whilst cafes would perform this every day (we hope!) this only needs to be done once per week in the domestic kitchen. A special "blind filter" should have been provided with your espesso machine along with instructions on how to perform this task, if not please check out our resources section or give us a call.

Please do not attempt to backflush any machine without an exhaust (dump) valve, as the results will be unsatisfactory and you could damage the machine. As a general rule the more expensive home machines have the exhaust valve wheras the cheaper ones don't - but please check with your machine supplier if you are unsure.



Pulycaffe Backflush Powder
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