Vibiemme Domobar Video Guides

Whenever we sell a Vibiemme Domobar Super or Domobar Junior home espresso machine we like to give customers a full run down and training session on how to get the best out their machine. 

However sometimes this just isn't possible, so our head trainer Dave Gordon has put together these handy How To guides for you.

These include how to clean and care for your coffee machine, what you need to know about your warranty on your Domobar Junior and Dombar Super espresso machine as well as of course how to make a flat white and other popular coffee types. 

For those that are interested in taking their Barista skills further Dave Gordon is available for home espresso lessons and barista training classes (held at Chiasso Coffee Roasters HQ in Devonport). As you can see from these videos Dave has a real knack for explaining how to make coffee in a way that is easy to understand. To book in or enquire about Coffee Training click here.  

While these videos were shot specifically for the Domobar range of home espresso machines they should be useful to anyone that owns a home machine and wants to learn how to make better coffee at home. In particular many of the E61 group head machine family, including the Rocket, Bezzera, BFC, ECM (plus any other E61 variant) will be very similiar in design and use.   

For links to these How To guides for making coffee at home on your E61 coffee machine please see below.

How to use your Vibiemme Domobar Full instructional video 15min


Vibiemme Domobar Guide & Warranty 5min


How To make a Flat White and Long Black and Espresso coffee 5min


How To Clean (Backflush) your Vibiemme Domobar 5min

We recommend watching the entire 15 minute video through at first and then coming back to the shorter clips if you forget something.

Happy watching.

Take care everyone!