Product Review - Cera Mill Hand Grinder

The Cera Mill hand coffee grinder is the perfect solution for grinding coffee "on the go".   Ceramic burrs which are heat resistant keeping the coffee at a consistent flavour.

The silicone band is for easy gripping when grinding AND it comes with a handy carry bag!


A bit more info...


1. Who is this product for?  The Cera Mill is a convenient price of equipment.  Can be used at home, travelling - it is small and easily transportable.


2. What coffee works best for this product?  The Cera Mill coffee grinder has an easily adjustable nut for either fine/coarseness, from Turkish to French Press.


3. Setup Required?  Just put the handle on and away you go!  Very easy to clean too. It stands at 185mm tall and is 50mm in diameter.


4. Cost/RRP?  $69