Papua New Guinea


We love Papua New Guinea's coffee, not just for its superb bean quality but also knowing that we are supporting traditional and sustainable practices that have been in place for a very long time.
The vast majority of coffee produced in Papua New Guinea comes from small holders, with many being subsistence farmers. Coffee is an important source of income for the whole country but especially for the highland tribes.
PSC stands for "premium small holder" which is a coffee grown by small holder farmers rather than by a large farm or estate in PNG. The majority of the coffee trees in Papua New Guinea were planted in the 1960's, from good quality bean stock from Jamaican Typica (a.k.a Blue Mountain) and Bourbon varietals of Coffea ArabicaTypica was the original coffee varietal of Coffea Arabica and the trees are generally lower yield than other varietals, but the cup quality is excellent. Bourbon was a naturally occurring mutation of Typica which produces a slightly higher yield with a distinctive sweetness.      
Premium small holder coffee is grown without using chemicals, hand picked, often shade grown and/or with mixed crops. This is a co-operative system so the coffee is centrally processed and graded using the wet process (washed) and sun dried on patios. The best coffee from this process is graded as PSC. This initiative is highly sustainable, quality focused and produces good results in terms of vital income for the small holders, a low environmental impact and also a great cup for coffee consumers.    
This coffee is grown in a natural way, ripe berries are picked by hand and pulped communally, before being sun dried on giant patios for a few days. Finally the beans washed and polished and then ready for export. 

Using our state of the art Italian made roaster the beans are slow roasted to a medium brown colour. The resulting cup displays good acidity and body with smooth creamy, chocolaty flavour accompanied by hints of nut.