Organic Coffee Blends now Certified by BioGro!

We are super excited to announce that our Organic Coffee Blends - Dolce and Pascolo - are now fully certified by BioGro! Organic certification is something close to our hearts and so we are proud to have achieved this milestone.

 Our Dolce & Pascolo blends have always comprised of coffee sourced from certified Organic farms, but now because we are officially registered and certified through BioGro standards we can now call our coffee Certified Organic! Follow this link to learn more about Biogro standards and you will see why we chose them to be our certification standard.   
Following our Biogro coffee audit we only had to make minimal changes to our roasting and packing, because we already had most of the right Organic coffee processes in place. Biogro have very specific requirements with regards to traceability and the chain of custody of Organic coffee beans. This involves us tracking and documenting the batch number of each shipment of Organic coffee from every origin farm or co-operative, through the importing channels to our Roastery door. This way we can show where all of our Organic coffee has come from and which blends it has gone into. 
We roast our organic coffee on separate days to our regular coffee beans. Before we start Organic coffee production the roaster and packing equipment is cleaned out thoroughly (no chemicals of course!), to ensure no chance of cross contamination. Following roasting the coffee is packaged into bags proudly displaying the BioGro label, along with a batch number for traceability.   
Our storage, packing and grinding areas and equipment are now totally separated for Organic coffee. Our Auditor was quite impressed with the processes we had in place and recommended us for certification following completion of a couple of minor items.
So... now when you order either Dolce or Pascolo it will have a lovely green BioGro sticker signifying all the hard work that has gone on behind the scenes bringing these two delicious blends the right to be certified.