Melbourne International Coffee Exhibition

Situated in Melbourne, a city known for it's foodie delights, this international coffee exhibition was certainly an eye opener!  Anything and everything to do with coffee right is showcased here under one roof.  With all the latest toys!  We saw a robot green bean sorter, which grades and sorts defects too at quite a rate. There was an app to monitor every aspect of pour over brewing, linked to a big screen. In fact all sorts of different brewing methods were on show (including all the new Tiamo's & a huge range of cold drips.                        

We tried out new milks, the Almond milk vibe has certainly taken off in Melbourne.  And we also tried Macadamia milk for the first time (milkadamia) which was really tasty.  


We also uncovered coffee packaging galore, along with all sorts of gadgets to keep us entertained. The guys at Axil Coffee Roasters had a latte art comp running - the level of latte art expertise was pretty crazy! 
We caught up with the lads at Beyond the Bean and talked syrups, smoothies, new hardware and all other things not-quite-coffee too. These guys are in 50 countries now and not showing any signs of slowing down!
Next, we sat down with some of the Ethiopian contingent, drinking coffee with them and talked about coffee bean farming, then we had our very own Chiasso logo free hand painted with coffee by an amazing artist.  Talking to others in the coffee roasting business was great too, so many passionate coffee lovers were in attendance - which is certainly great to see!  We are looking forward to the next one already.. :-)