Kaffelogic Nano 7 Home Roaster

The Kaffelogic home roaster has landed - and we are seriously impressed! This machine is easily as good as competitors in this category which can cost up to 4 or 5 x more. 

With a footprint smaller than most home kitchen appliances, the Kaffelogic Nano 7 is able to roast up to 120g per batch. Each roast is closely controlled by a programmable profile and it is very simple to add and  change profiles via the USB stick.  Share your results and learn from others by accessing the online communities where Kaffelogic owners can swap profiles and tasting notes.

For those that just want to jump straight in the roaster comes pre-loaded with a proven profile named "ninja" that is going to deliver very good results for a wide range of bean types and roast heights. Using this profile I was able to quickly roast batches of various samples I needed to cup with great success straight off the bat.

The roaster retains all the important roast information in a log file which can be accessed with the USB, with key criteria being accessible through the menu system and displayed on the front LCD screen in real time. 

The roast is electrically powered and my first batches of roasted beans were very even. I was especially delighted with the chaff collector which is both simple and brilliantly effective. Minimal smoke was produced, although it is suggested to use your range hood for extraction for darker roast heights. 

Best of all the Kaffelogic roaster is made right here in New Zealand.

With this product only just coming onto the market the demand is high and there can be a bit of a wait to receive a unit. If you are interested I would suggest you give us a call to arrange a demo and get your name onto the waiting list! We are including a sample pack of 3 amazing green bean single origins including the award winning Chelchele for you to try.    

The Kaffelogic Nano 7 - the perfect piece of kit for the home coffee enthusiast.