Chiasso wins Gold Trophy Award at AICA!!

We have been celebrating here at Chiasso!  We recently took out a Gold Medal and the Champion Filter Trophy award at the AICA (Australian International Coffee Awards) for our single origin Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Kochere coffee.  

A bit of insight into the background of this special bean.  
Ethiopia is thought by many to be the birthplace of coffee, that is where the plant Coffea Arabica first originated. There's also the myth of Kaldi, the goatherd, who purportedly discovered coffee's stimulating effects after seeing his goats acting energetically after they'd nibbled on the red coffee berries. That story originates from the 9th century and while it's authenticity is sometimes debated what's not up for debate is that Ethiopia is the home of some of the world's very best coffee. They've been producing coffee for centuries now and it's fair to say they know what they're about. 
Ethiopia's geography is uniquely suited to the cultivation of coffee. Plenty of sunshine, just enough rain at the right times, great soil and lots of mountains to provide the altitude required for the very best beans. 
At Chiasso HQ we're all pretty used to drinking good Ethiopian coffees but we really fell in love with this washed Grade 1 (the very best grade) coffee from Kochere, a district in the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia. When we say a coffee is "washed" we are referring to the process of removing the fruit from the bean using water. Washing the fruit away produces wonderfully clean and sweet flavours in the cup. We knew it was a great coffee and were delighted to see that it score so highly with the judges at the Australian International Awards.    
We hand roast all of our specialty coffee on our micro roaster, the New Zealand made Stonka.  It’s all down to timing and experience with the Stonka. It roasts only 3 kg at a time so we have been quite busy roasting on it lately - just to ensure there are enough award winning beans to go around! 
The AICA, conducted by The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria, is Australia’s first and only international coffee awards rewarding and recognising excellence. With New Zealand no longer holding independent coffee awards the AICA is one of the only places for roasters in this country to gain recognition for their craft and for the provenance of their beans.The 2018 AICA took place at Melbourne Showgrounds from 7-9 March. A total of 743 entries were judged over 3 days by a panel of industry experts led by Head Judge, Melissa Caia.
We've stocked up on this lot of Kochere. The word is that the next harvest may not be quite as special. If that's true then it's a shame but that's part and parcel with dealing with a natural product. Some years are simply going to be better than others. We will be enjoying this lot as long as we can and then we'll move onto trying to find next season's best beans. 
If you want to try some of the trophy winning coffee for yourself please grab a bag from our Devonport shop, or pick up a bag online here
We recommend making this coffee in either the immersion style (like plunger (french press), aeropress or siphon) or as a pour over filter coffee. But we've also been enjoying it through the espresso machine so don't be put off trying it if that's your preferred method.