Product Review - Aeropress


This nifty piece of equipment is one of our best travel companians.  We took this overseas last year and can honestly say it was one the easiest products to put together and use - never be without fresh espresso ever again!!
We have compiled a list of questions you may have, but if you would like to know more, get in touch!
1. Who is this product for?  Ideal for travellers/camping/boating/hikiing/ or anyone who can't bear to be without good coffee!
2. What coffee works best for this product?  Ground, med coarse.  Our recommendation is the Milano or for an organic option the ethiopian is a good choice.
3. Setup required?  Not much, super easy to put together & clean.
4. Cost/ RRP - $69. includes a years worth of filters!

Friday, 5 May 2017

Melbourne International Coffee Exhibition

Situated in Melbourne, a city known for it's foodie delights, this international coffee exhibition was certainly an eye opener!  Anything and everything to do with coffee right is showcased here under one roof.  With all the latest toys!  We saw a robot green bean sorter, which grades and sorts defects too at quite a rate. There was an app to monitor every aspect of pour over brewing, linked to a big screen. In fact all sorts of different brewing methods were on show (including all the new Tiamo's & a huge range of cold drips.                        

We tried out new milks, the Almond milk vibe has certainly taken off in Melbourne.  And we also tried Macadamia milk for the first time (milkadamia) which was really tasty.  


We also uncovered coffee packaging galore, along with all sorts of gadgets to keep us entertained. The guys at Axil Coffee Roasters had a latte art comp running - the level of latte art expertise was pretty crazy! 
We caught up with the lads at Beyond the Bean and talked syrups, smoothies, new hardware and all other things not-quite-coffee too. These guys are in 50 countries now and not showing any signs of slowing down!
Next, we sat down with some of the Ethiopian contingent, drinking coffee with them and talked about coffee bean farming, then we had our very own Chiasso logo free hand painted with coffee by an amazing artist.  Talking to others in the coffee roasting business was great too, so many passionate coffee lovers were in attendance - which is certainly great to see!  We are looking forward to the next one already.. :-)

Friday, 5 May 2017

Product Review - Cera Mill Hand Grinder

The Cera Mill hand coffee grinder is the perfect solution for grinding coffee "on the go".   Ceramic burrs which are heat resistant keeping the coffee at a consistent flavour.

The silicone band is for easy gripping when grinding AND it comes with a handy carry bag!


A bit more info...


1. Who is this product for?  The Cera Mill is a convenient price of equipment.  Can be used at home, travelling - it is small and easily transportable.


2. What coffee works best for this product?  The Cera Mill coffee grinder has an easily adjustable nut for either fine/coarseness, from Turkish to French Press.


3. Setup Required?  Just put the handle on and away you go!  Very easy to clean too. It stands at 185mm tall and is 50mm in diameter.


4. Cost/RRP?  $69

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Organic Coffee Blends now Certified by BioGro!

We are super excited to announce that our Organic Coffee Blends - Dolce and Pascolo - are now fully certified by BioGro! Organic certification is something close to our hearts and so we are proud to have achieved this milestone.

 Our Dolce & Pascolo blends have always comprised of coffee sourced from certified Organic farms, but now because we are officially registered and certified through BioGro standards we can now call our coffee Certified Organic! Follow this link to learn more about Biogro standards and you will see why we chose them to be our certification standard.   
Following our Biogro coffee audit we only had to make minimal changes to our roasting and packing, because we already had most of the right Organic coffee processes in place. Biogro have very specific requirements with regards to traceability and the chain of custody of Organic coffee beans. This involves us tracking and documenting the batch number of each shipment of Organic coffee from every origin farm or co-operative, through the importing channels to our Roastery door. This way we can show where all of our Organic coffee has come from and which blends it has gone into. 
We roast our organic coffee on separate days to our regular coffee beans. Before we start Organic coffee production the roaster and packing equipment is cleaned out thoroughly (no chemicals of course!), to ensure no chance of cross contamination. Following roasting the coffee is packaged into bags proudly displaying the BioGro label, along with a batch number for traceability.   
Our storage, packing and grinding areas and equipment are now totally separated for Organic coffee. Our Auditor was quite impressed with the processes we had in place and recommended us for certification following completion of a couple of minor items.
So... now when you order either Dolce or Pascolo it will have a lovely green BioGro sticker signifying all the hard work that has gone on behind the scenes bringing these two delicious blends the right to be certified. 

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Coffee Kids


Here at Chiasso we have been looking at ways we can give back to the Coffee community.  

We have found an organisation that really could benefit from donation support.  

Smallholder coffee farmers face a variety of challenges such as climate change, an inconsistent cash flow, an erratic coffee market, and inadequate access to land to produce enough to support a family.  The result is that the next generation is largely deciding that staying on the farm isn't worth their time. 

Through rural business workshops, Coffee Kids helps young farmers realize their full potential as part of the global coffee community. The trainings provide space where young men and women learn how to apply their creativity and ideas to develop productive enterprises in coffee within their communities. Topics include a broad business focus, such as managing the financial side of the operation, to coffee-specific, such as how to implement techniques that increase yield and bean quality.

By providing a seed capital fund over which young farmers are given collaborative decision making power, Coffee Kids simultaneously helps get community businesses off the ground and gives young farmers experience in making financial decisions. The rotating fund is replenished as businesses grow and thrive, giving young farmers a sense of how thriving businesses can lift up the entire community.





Monday, 25 September 2017