Cafe Equipment

Quality Espresso Equipment

We recommend and supply La Marzocco LineaVibiemme Multi-boiler, Faema e61 Legend with Mazzer Grinders.

These are trusted, high quality Italian made espresso machines. 

Our espresso equipment is protected with Brita or Everpure water filters. Because pure water is the starting point for superior coffee.   

Regular coffee machine maintentance

The Chiasso Equipment Management System is our unique preventative maintenance program that keeps track of all of our customers espresso machines and equipment and lets us know precisely when to send someone in to change the water filters and grinders burrs, as well as when a more in-depth service is called for. We ensure all of our customers equipment is serviced regularly to minimise break downs.   

With this machine servicing programme we keep track of all the details of your espresso equipment, so that preventative maintenance can be carried out ahead of time. This keeps down time to an absolute minimum and means that everything is in tip-top shape at all times.