About Chiasso Coffee

Chiasso Coffee Roasters is a family owned business. We have been roasting coffee in Auckland for over 20 years. We supply our fresh roasted coffee beans to great cafes all over New Zealand.

Our roasting equipment is state of the art and was hand built to our specifications by leading Italian engineers.

We select our coffee beans from the world's foremost coffee growing regions, including: Ethiopia, Colombia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, New Guinea, Kenya, Brazil, Indonesia.

Our coffee blends are skillfully put together so that you can taste the difference in every cup of Chiasso Coffee.

Chiasso Coffee is proudly Biogro Organic Certified. Biogro is the most recognised organic accreditation in New Zealand and is the mark of a genuine organic product.

Alongside our premium coffee we are the exclusive New Zealand suppliers for: Brewsky Nitro Cold Brew Coffee, Nature's Harvest Turmeric Latte and Caravan Premium Drinking Chocolate. 


Our mission is simple: to consistently produce exceptional coffee in a sustainable way.