Cafe Supply

If you are looking to open a new cafe business, (or maybe improve an existing one) you might like to try our coffee. We're fanatical about our coffee and we like to treat it right. We use premium coffee beans from the best growing regions and batch roast these on a state of the art Italian made coffee roaster.    

Fresh Roasted Weekly

Coffee needs to be fresh to taste good! We roast fresh every week and all of our coffee is date stamped so you can see exactly when it was roasted and packed. For cafes our coffee is rested for between 5 to 7 days before being sent out to cafes. During this period the coffee actually improves, so that it arrives at your place in peak condition. 


Superior Packaging

Coffee starts to lose freshness as soon as it is roasted. Chiasso was one of the first roasters in New Zealand to use foil bags with degassing valves, setting the new standard for the industry. This technology is now accepted as the best way to keep coffee beans fresh (although it is still not used by everyone). 


Barista Training

There's nothing worse than going to all this trouble to roast beautiful coffee blends, only to have it ruined whilst transitioning from bean to cup by an uncaring or inexperienced Barista. We work with our cafe customers to offer extensive initial and ongoing barista training to keep their team sharp.


The Best Equipment

La Marzocco, Vibiemme, Faema, Mazzer. Trusted, high quality Italian made espresso gear. We're not interested in anything else, thank you very much.
All of our espresso equipment is filtered with Brita or Everpure water filters. So important.  


Equipment Servicing Program

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, or so the saying goes. We've developed a unique preventative maintenance program that keeps track of all of our customers espresso equipment and lets us know precisely when to send someone in to change the water filters and grinders burrs, as well as when a more in-depth service is called for. We ensure all of our customers equipment is serviced regularly.  

With this machine servicing programme we keep track of all the details of your espresso equipment, so that preventative maintenance can be carried out ahead of time. This keeps down time to an absolute minimum and means that everything is in tip-top shape at all times.


18 Years Experience

It's our 18th birthday this year (2016), so whilst not exactly ancient, we certainly aren't the Johnny-come-lately's of the coffee scene. We've been around a fair while longer than most and that experience enables us to better assist you to make good decisions with your coffee business.


We've Won Awards

Quite a few actually. Milano, our popular espresso cafe blend has won a fistful of medals over the years. Recently we've had good success with our new organic blend Dolce grabbing double silver at the NZ Coffee Awards in 2014/15. Milano won a Bronze medal at the Australian International Coffee Awards 2016.


Give Us A Call

If we sound like the kind of company you like to deal with then why not get in touch with us?